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Not only do we provide complete electrical work for homeowners in the DFW Metroplex, but also for commercial and industrial clients as well. The licensed electricians at HR Phoenix Electrical Services, LLC can handle any job for you. Whether you need panel upgrades, electrical wiring or any other electrical work, we’ve got you covered.

Security Door Wiring

If you’re adding access control to your commercial property, getting the correct electrical wiring installed to the point of access is an important step to assist your security company.  We work with partner companies all the time to facilitate access control systems.

Surveillance Camera Power Source

If you’re adding surveillance cameras to your office, storefront, or warehouse, our team of expert electricians can help ensure the wiring is safe, correct, and in the right spot to assist your security company’s efforts.  Not only does the camera need a power source, the hub where your camera controls and video recording takes place needs reliable power to ensure 24/7 coverage.

Interior Lighting Installation in Fort Worth & DFW area.

Showroom floors, workspaces, desk areas, and more all require different types of lighting. Where bright lighting in a shop might be valuable, in an office environment – bright overhead lights can be more harmful than helpful.  Ensuring that your office and commercial spaces are using the right type of lighting for the situation is critical to showcasing your product, supporting your employees, and ensuring your space’s safety.  We can help you choose, place and install the right options for your unique situation.

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Security Lighting

Along with the correct placement of power for surveillance cameras and access control, security lighting that is reliable and well placed can help ensure safety and safeguard your property.  Our expert electricians in Fort Worth can place the power sources correctly and help you install the correct always-on or motion-detected lighting for your space.

Surge Protection

A power surge is a fairly common occurrence in a commercial building – and the damage a hefty power surge can cause can be catastrophic.  From melted computer equipment to a catastrophic loss of data, surge protection for your commercial space in Fort Worth and the DFW area is imperative.

Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

By code, your building needs to have a specific number of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. If you rent your building, this may be the responsibility of your landlord – although double-checking placement and code compliance is not a bad idea.  If you have sensitive equipment or any kind of fire or exhaust hazard, having some extra protection is not a bad idea.  Our experts know the required building codes for your area and can ensure you’re protected and conform to the provision.

EV Charger Installation for Commercial Properties

The American Automobile Association (AAA) has estimated that more than 60% of American drivers now live in areas where electric charging stations are available. Fort Worth is part of that statistic, with more than 10,000 electric charging stations just in the local area. If you have customers or employees who drive electric vehicles to your business in Fort Worth, or nearby cities, they may require a charging station to be plugged into. An electric vehicle charging station can be a great way to lure customers to your business. You will also be helping the environment by providing your customers with a way to charge their car in a clean, eco-friendly wayThe electricity used to charge the vehicles can come from the building’s own power or from renewable energy sources like solar panels if you have them available. What are some of the advantages of electric vehicle charging stations? Electric vehicle charging stations promote a more sustainable environment and you gain some goodwill from your customers and employees by providing them a place to charge.

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Completing Work for Your Home or Business

When you need electrical repairs or installations completed, we are the company to call.
We have the expertise necessary to complete installations and repairs for all types of companies, including:
Restaurants – Gas Stations – Retail Stores – Offices – Fleet and Bulk – Fueling Facilities

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