HR Phoenix Residential Electrician Near YouNo matter how well we take care of our homes, issues can arise at any time. Electrical issues are one of the most frightening problems to face. They can not only cause harm to appliances or fixtures, but they can also put people’s lives and property at risk. Improper wiring can also cause increases in electrical costs that you can’t even detect. Whether you’re adding new fixtures or plugs, having a licensed electric contractor who has experience with the code and requirements in your area can be an invaluable asset.

Having a reliable and skilled electrical contractor familiar with the Fort Worth area can provide you with the peace of mind you need when it comes to electrical issues. When you have electrical emergencies or simply want to enhance your home or office space, relying on a licensed and insured professional can take the guesswork and stress out of the process. Our team is here to help! Give us a call!

Finding Electric Contractors in Fort Worth, TX

Determining electrical issues at home can be challenging at times, especially if you aren’t an expert in this field. Electrical problems, even in an office, can be dangerous if they are not properly addressed by professionals. If you’re in the Fort Worth area, HR Phoenix Electrical Services’ professional and experienced electrical contractors will take care of any electrical problems. If you’re interested in adding lighting, outlets, or even an electric vehicle charging station – our team can advise you on the best location with the best fixture options for your specific needs.

It is important to hire a licensed, trusted, and experienced electrical contractor in the Fort Worth area to will help you to feel comfortable and secure when dealing with electrical issues and installations in your home or office.

In Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, and all the surrounding areas, HR Phoenix is the choice for electrical services that provide the quality and safety that you need.

What To Expect When Our Electricians Arrive at Your Fort Worth Home or Office

HR Phoenix’s expert and professional electricians are conscientious and dedicated to providing exceptional customer service for homes and offices in the Fort Worth area.

You can expect us to:

  • Always on time for the appointment.
  • Look professional and presentable.
  • Be wearing proper gear with boots that will protect the floors of your house or office.
  • Obtain prior permission to enter the property if you’re not there at the time of service
  • Inspect the electrical repair or installation and check for other potential electrical issues.
  • Provide exceptional solutions at a reasonable cost.
  • Go the extra mile to provide solutions that other companies won’t.
  • Provide excellent customer service and will educate you about the electrical problem we discovered as well as the solutions we offer.
  • Clean up after ourselves – you’ll never know we were there and we pledge to leave no mess behind.
  • leave your Fort Worth property providing you the safety and assurance you need in a repair or installation well done.

Why Hire HR Phoenix?

HR Phoenix Electrical Services is a family-owned company that delivers high-quality electrical services in Fort Worth homes and businesses. Our top-notch Texas electrical contractors are praised for being efficient, effective, and reliable due to their extensive training and years of experience.

HR Phoenix is the choice for an electrical contractors in the Metroplex of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, and has the reputation for resolving electrical issues that other companies can’t or won’t.

Residential Electric Services in Fort Worth

HR Phoenix Lighting & Ceiling Fans InstallationOur experienced residential electricians in HR Phoenix provide comprehensive electrical services for homeowners in the Fort Worth area.

As a family-owned electric contractor, our professional team will take care of your home and give it the respect it deserves.

Our residential electrical services include:

  • Panel Upgrades: As your home ages, the electrical panel may struggle to keep up with the system’s rising electrical demands. A circuit breaker may trip if too much electricity is demanded from it, which could result in a fire. Upgrading your breaker box, often known as a panel, can significantly improve the comfort and safety of your home.
  • Electrical Repairs: Our expert electrical contractor can provide excellent service at a low cost. All potential electrical concerns are examined, such as GFCI outlets that trip when you use nearby plugs, lights that constantly blink or dim when other fixtures are turned on, and lights that just don’t work. It may appear to be a simple problem, but resolving it can be more difficult. With the necessary tools and knowledge, our Fort Worth electrical contractors can efficiently fix all the electrical problems in your home.
  • Lighting & Ceiling Fans: If you’re not familiar with the process, removing old light fixtures and replacing them can be time-consuming, and require extra hands and extra frustration during the process. We can alleviate that stress. Our skilled electrical contractors can efficiently handle it for you – and clean up when they’re done. We replace or install all types of lighting fixtures, including ceiling fans. We will ensure the install is safe and secure by inspecting the location, mount type, and underlying structure before we proceed.
  • Landscape Lighting: Our Fort Worth electrical contractors can provide security lights for your driveway or garage, and will assist you with identifying the optimal placement and usefulness for your location. Our professionals can also assist you with adding or replacing outside lighting to your property, either for safety or cosmetic reasons.
  • New Construction & Remodels: Whether it’s a new building project or a remodeling project, our skilled team is ready to assist you with installing or extending wiring, adding or upgrading your circuit panel, and any other electrical services you may require for your new space.

Commercial Electrical Services in Fort Worth

Commercial buildings rely heavily on electricity not only to light their space but to power their administrative and/or production equipment. Electrical issues in a commercial space are not only annoying – they “cost” a business revenue and productivity. Their customers can also be inconvenienced when their service is delayed or the product is not completed on time. Fixing issues with the system can improve productivity and “uptime.” Installing new breakers, outlets, wiring, and lighting can improve an office or production space’s aesthetics and productivity.

As top-rated electrical contractors in the Fort Worth area, HR Phoenix Commercial Electrical Service includes:

  • Security door & entry system wiring
  • Surveillance camera power source wiring and placement
  • Outlet and circuit breaker installation and upgrades to power production equipment
  • Interior lighting installation in Fort Worth
  • Security lighting
  • Surge protection
  • Smoke detector/carbon monoxide detectors
  • Electric vehicle charger installation for commercial properties

Some Common Questions (FAQ)

  • Why do my circuit breakers trip?
    • This could indicate that a circuit is overloaded. There may be too many electrical devices or appliances on the same circuit and that could cause overheating or too much “draw” which will then trip the breaker for safety reasons.
  • Is it dangerous if a circuit breaker trips?
    • Yes, a tripping circuit may indicate that some outlets and devices are overheating or being asked for too much power. That could lead to appliances being turned off at inopportune times (nobody likes it when the deep freezer isn’t working), security cameras or lighting being down, or other interruptions of service.
  • Is it possible for me to do my own electrical wiring?
    • You could, but there are many nuances and code requirements placed on electric installation and upgrades. Along with the knowledge a licensed electrical contractor has of your local code, a permit may be required for your changes. If a permit is required, then the work must be inspected by an electrical inspector from the city of Fort Worth or Tarrant County.
  • If the plug is loose, do I need to replace the outlet?
    • Yes, a loose plug can cause overheating or an interrupted electrical current. This can cause appliances to not work, breakers to trip, or phones not to be charged. A loose or overheated outlet may also cause damage to the device or appliance connected to it.

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