It’s never convenient when something electrical breaks in your home or commercial space.  Either a light fixture has quit working, your ac unit has lost power, or the plug you use for your alarm clock has given up.  In any event, having an electrician you can trust, that is thorough and experienced, and just a phone call away 24/7 is an important partner in maintaining your residential or commercial property.


The experts at HR Phoenix understand the need to have an electrical repair expert in Fort Worth. It’s a big area, and we serve all of it – with fast, convenient, and thorough service.  We promise to diagnose the issue, discuss the possible repair or replacement options, and clean up after ourselves when we’re all done.

We travel the entire DFW area to service our clients, so there’s an expert in electrical repair nearby when you need them. We try to schedule emergency repair situations as soon as possible and will keep you informed as to our arrival time as it approaches.

Why Choose HR Phoenix?

  • We offer 24/7 emergency service
  • We’re highly rated on Google, Yelp, and Homeadvisor
  • We are a licensed and insured electrician offering electrical repair services in Fort Worth, Hurst, and the DFW Metroplex
  • We provide fast and convenient service for your home or business.
  • We provide our customers with quality service and efficient workmanship
  • We always clean up after ourselves, wear booties and masks, and leave the space 
  • We provide electrical service and repairs to your home or business in Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

If you need emergency electrical repair service in Forth Worth – we’re available 24/7 to help alleviate the painful issues with any electrical issue – including the following popular electrical repairs:

Inoperable Outlets or GFCI Outlet Installation

The reality is, outlets wear out.  They can either stop working altogether – or become loose so your plugs just fall out – usually at the most inconvenient times.  Replacing your outlets can be a nice way to improve your residence or office’s functionality – and may be necessary to continue to utilize appliances or lights throughout the home.

You may be adding on to your home and need some outlets converted to GFCI outlets due to proximity of moisture – or your home may be old and code now requires some upgrades to your outlets prior to rental or sale.  Our expert team can help with all of your Fort Worth outlet repair and replacement needs.

HR Phoenix Lighting and Ceiling Fan Installation Fort Worth, TXCeiling Fan Issues

Many people may not realize it, but the humble ceiling fan can be a tricky bit of machinery. If it’s installed incorrectly it can have issues with not spinning, or the light kit might not work.  They are also not very easy to replace with only 2 hands and no experience. Call an HR Phoenix Electrician expert in Fort Worth for help, we’ll do it fast, safely, and we’ll clean everything up when we’re done.

Light Fixture Repair

The light that never turns on, or randomly shuts off when you least expect it can be a frustrating element in your home or office. Maybe you’ve purchased a new home, or have moved into new office space and you can’t quite figure out what that rogue switch controls or there are dark fixtures where light definitely should be coming through. Let us help you.

The issue could be poor wiring, a breaker issue, or maybe the light was not installed properly in the first place.  We take on Fort Worth electrical repairs like this every day – give us a call to schedule your appointment!

Circuit Panel Upgrades & Troubleshooting

If your electrical breakers are constantly tripping, you know how much frustration it can cause. This could be because you have too much load on one circuit at a time, or your circuit panel needs to be upgraded to handle modern electrical needs. 

When your electrical breakers keep tripping, it can be dangerous.  Air conditioning doesn’t come on, your freezer lets your food thaw. Important medical equipment may not operate.  When this starts to happen, you need a Fort Worth-based electrician to help repair your circuit panel.

Diagnosing Electrical Issues

You may have some odd issues happening with your power – from browning out when the neighbors are fine to sections of your Fort Worth area home completely losing power. We can help you troubleshoot those issues, they could be due to degraded wiring, pinched wires due to foundation shifts, or some other unseen damage that will need to be found, fixed, and tested.

Outdoor Lighting and Outlet Repairs

If you’ve recently installed outlet-centered outdoor lighting but are finding it inadequate for security reasons, or just not bright enough to enjoy your space – having your lights direct-wired instead of plugged-in could be an improvement.  This also could allow you to place the lights in better locations, as you’re not beholden to the outlet locations to light your landscaping.

Outdoor outlets can also become damaged, or just quit working. Our electricians can troubleshoot your outdoor lighting issues and ensure everything is bright, safe, and working properly.

Whole House Surge Protection

As the electrical needs of our homes change, and the types of equipment we use has evolved, power surges that impact your whole home can have major financial repercussions. Protect your gaming systems, computers, vehicle charging station, and even kitchen appliances with a whole house surge protector. This simple piece of equipment can pay for itself with one saved “surge!”

Have a problem we haven’t listed here? No problem, we likely can still help.  Give our office a call to discuss your needs and we’ll get a technician out to take a look and resolve the problem. 

What Our Happy Customers Say On Google

The are super helpful and super professional. I had some electrical issues with my outdoor lighting as well as I needed some new installation done outside for my pond area pump hookup and ceiling fans. We got it all troubleshot and completed and I am really happy with their work. Looks awesome and works awesome. Will use them again.
Tammy W.